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Join Bluesky Today (Bye, Invites!)

Feb 6, 2024

by The Bluesky Team

Bluesky is building an open social network where anyone can contribute, while still providing an easy-to-use experience for users. For the past year, we used invite codes to help us manage growth while we built features like moderation tooling, custom feeds, and more. Now, we’re ready for anyone to join.

Join more than three million people discussing news, sharing art, and just posting.

What is Bluesky?

To mark the occasion, we teamed up with Davis Bickford, an artist on the network, to share why we’re excited about Bluesky.

A multi-panel comic. Two characters stand amidst a pile of rubble. One says, 'I think it's time to leave old social. This keeps happening. I have to start over again. I'm tired.' The two characters board a boat. Jay says, 'Don't worry! Better things are ahead at Bluesky!' They arrive to a beautiful, festive area that has buildings labeled News, Discover, Art, Science, and more. A multi-panel comic. Jay says, 'At Bluesky, you choose what you want to see instead of being held to the whims of a blackbox algorithm. There are already tens of thousands of feeds! Anyone can make or subscribe to feeds!' A troll appears. Jay says, 'And for things you don't want to see, you can stack additional layers of moderation as easily as following a new account.' Poof! Fences go up and the troll disappears. Jay continues to describe Bluesky's open network. 'With Bluesky, everything is connected. Dock at any port — you can explore the entire network. And wherever you go, your whole network comes with you.' A multi-panel comic. One character says, 'At Bluesky, I can customize my own experience and if I move, everything comes with me?!' Jay smiles and says, 'Yes, it's the last social account you'll ever have to create!' The two run across a bridge towards a magical mountainside. They say, 'Come on, let's go explore!'

To learn more about Bluesky and how to get started, read our user FAQ here.

And if deep dives are more your style, we worked with Martin Kleppman, author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications and technical advisor to Bluesky, to write a paper that goes into more detail about the technical underpinnings of Bluesky.

Looking Forward

We’ve been working on more features that put you in control of your social media experience. Here’s what you can expect to see soon:

Stackable Moderation Services

Safety is core to social media. Bluesky moderates the app according to our community guidelines, and our vision for composable moderation allows users to stack more moderation services together, such as subscribable moderation lists.

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to release the labeling services which will allow users to stack more options on top of their existing moderation preferences. This will allow other organizations and people to run their own moderation services that can account for industry-specific knowledge or specific cultural norms, among other preferences.

One potential use case for labeling is fact-checking. For example, a fact-checking organization can run a labeling service and mark posts as “partially false,” “misleading,” or other categories. Then, users who trust this organization can subscribe to their labels. As the user scrolls through posts in the app, any labels that the fact-checking organization publishes will be visible on the post itself. This helps in the effective distribution of the fact-check and keeps users better informed.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’re interested in partnering with Bluesky and setting up a labeling service, contact us at

An Open Social Network

When you log in to Bluesky, it might look and feel familiar — the user experience should be straightforward. But under the hood, we’ve designed the app in a way that puts control back in your hands. Here, your experience online isn’t controlled by a single company. Whether it's your timeline or content filters, on Bluesky, you can easily customize your social experience.

This month, we’ll be rolling out an experimental early version of “federation,” or the feature that makes the network so open and customizable. On Bluesky, you’ll have the freedom to choose (and the right to leave) instead of being held to the whims of private companies or black box algorithms. And wherever you go, your friends and relationships can go with you.

For developers: We’ve already federated the network among multiple servers internally, and later this month, you’ll be able to self-host a server that connects to the main production network. You’ll be part of the first batch of servers that federate with the network, so expect to experiment alongside us! We’ll share more information on how to join the production network with your own server soon. In the meantime, you can test out your server set up via our developer sandbox. Find instructions here.

We're Hiring

Bluesky is an initiative to transition the social web from platforms to protocols. Join a nimble team developing and driving large-scale adoption of technologies for open and decentralized public conversation.

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