BlogIntroducing Bluesky Shorts

Introducing Bluesky Shorts

April 1, 2024

Today we're thrilled to introduce Bluesky Shorts: a unique way of expression that redefines creativity on Bluesky. Join 5M users and try Shorts! Sign up for Bluesky (no invite code required):

Mock up of Bluesky Shorts

Stop, Stare, and Share

Capture attention in your Shorts. Record your Shorts dunking a basketball. Use Shorts on a hot day at the beach. On Bluesky, your Shorts will help you express who you are. Bluesky Shorts move with you, seamlessly.

How It Works

Find Shorts that fit your life.

  • Audio: You can record directly in Shorts, or even silence your videos — your Shorts speak for themselves! If a picture is worth 1000 words, Shorts say more than you could fit into any character limit.
  • AR Effects: Come alive in 3D with Shorts, and prominently display those assets. Your audience will appreciate it.
  • Speed: Shorts moves with you. Whether you’re on the run or being a couch potato, you can capture every moment in your Shorts.

Creating Shorts

Tailor your Shorts to fit you! If your Shorts are too long, crop them. If your Shorts are too short, patch them with some other Shorts. You can even add different filters to adapt your Shorts to different occasions:

  • Glitter It: Add a layer of glitter to your Shorts to help you shine bright and far, so that you can be the star you are.
  • Badge It: Apply different badges that display your interests, because you contain multitudes and no one can put you in a box!
  • Make It Composable: Want to pair your Shorts with other interesting pieces? Mix and match Bluesky Shorts anyway you want.

Shorts gives you new ways to express yourself, discover more of who you love and who loves you, and helps anyone with the ambition of becoming a star take center stage.

To be clear, we're talking about literal shorts that you wear. Grab yourself some Bluesky Shorts here or here!

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