BlogTips and Tricks for Bluesky Search

Tips and Tricks for Bluesky Search

May 31, 2024

by The Bluesky Team

There's a post that hasn’t left your mind since you read it, and now you want to send it to a friend… but you can't find it anymore. We’ve been there before too. Let’s dive into all the tips and tricks for advanced Bluesky search!

Over time, we’ll make these features easier to use directly within the Bluesky app. Think of these as advanced features!

Find a specific phrase

Use quotes around keywords, like "hello world".

  • Results include posts that use the phrase in its alt text on images as well.

Find posts with a specific hashtag

Any term that has the # prefix will show you posts with that tag. For example, if you searched for #hello, you’d see all posts that contain that hashtag.

Find posts that mention a specific user

Search for a handle like to see posts that mention that user (in this example, Jay). If the user has changed handles, you may still get posts that mention their previous username too.

  • or also show posts that mention the user.
  • mentions:me will show you posts that mention your username, if you’re logged in.
  • If you use quotes around the username, like "", you will see results that include the text, whether or not it actually tags Jay’s account.

Find posts from a specific user

Use to see posts from that user (in this example, Jay). If you’re logged in, you can use from:me to show your own posts.

  • You can use a combination of these keywords. For example, from:me shows my own posts that mention Jay.

Find posts that mention or are from you

If you are logged in, you can use the me keyword or search for your own username.

  • from:me shows your own posts
  • mentions:me shows posts that mention your username

Find a specific URL

Paste in a URL to see posts that have also shared that URL.

  • To see all posts with links from a specific domain, use For example, searching for shows you all posts that have linked an NPR article.

Find posts in a specific language

Use the keyword lang to search for posts in a specific language.

  • Use the two-character ISO language code. Wikipedia has a handy chart here — use the codes under the column “Set 1.”
  • For example, to see posts in English that have the keyword "science", use the search term lang:en "science". To see posts in Japanese that have the keyword "science", use lang:ja "science".

Find posts within a specific date range

Specify your date range with since: and/or until:. You can use full dates (YYYY-MM-DD format), or full UTC timestamps (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ).

  • This currently does not work for local datetime/date or other time formats. Please use the UTC date. Here is a timezone converter.

Searching while logged in

We can customize your search results for you more when you are logged in, though users that are logged out are also able to search Bluesky.

  • You can use the me keyword when searching for your own posts or posts that mention you.
  • People that you follow are prioritized in search results when you search for accounts.

Developer API

Bluesky’s search API allows HTTP query params for most of these facets and filters. Read more in the developer documentation here.

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