BlogIntroducing Bluesky Starter Packs

Introducing Bluesky Starter Packs

June 26, 2024

by The Bluesky Team

Today, we’re releasing starter packs — personalized invites that allow you to bring friends directly into your slice of Bluesky!

The preview image of an example starter pack
An example starter pack.

Recommend custom feeds and users to help your community find each other. Get started in the Starter Packs tab on your Bluesky profile.

What’s in a starter pack?

  • Custom feeds. On Bluesky, you can set any algorithm or topic as your home timeline. Examples include Quiet Posters (posts from your quieter mutuals), Science (posts from the science community), and Catch Up (most popular posts from the last 24 hours).
  • Recommended follows. Add your favorite accounts and encourage new users to follow them.

How do I create a starter pack?

  1. Click the Starter Packs tab. On your profile, next to your media and likes tabs, you’ll see a new tab.
The starter packs profile tab
Create a starter pack from your profile.
  1. Create a starter pack. Use our auto-generation tool to create a starter pack or make your own from scratch! You can create more than one starter pack.
    1. Click “Make one for me” to get a pre-populated starter pack of suggested users and custom feeds. You can add or remove items from this list.
    2. Or, click “Create” to add users and feeds to your starter pack yourself.
Set your starter pack name and description Select users for your starter pack
Set your starter pack name, description, and recommended users and feeds.
  1. Share your starter pack! Every starter pack comes with a link and QR code you can share. Text your starter pack to a friend, share it with your professional network, and post it to other social apps!
Share your starter pack
Share your starter pack!
  1. Say hi! You’ll get notified for users who join Bluesky via your starter pack.

Who can use starter packs?

Anyone with a Bluesky account can create starter packs.

If you don’t have a Bluesky account yet, you can join via a friend’s starter pack and get started with their recommended customizations. Once you’re in Bluesky, you can add/remove these recommendations and further customize your experience.

If you’re already on Bluesky but want to onboard to another community or get your friend’s recommendations, you can also use their starter pack to add to your experience!

Starter Packs FAQ

How many people and feeds can I add to my starter pack?

You can recommend up to 50 people and up to 3 custom feeds. New users will automatically have Following and Discover pinned.

How can I share my starter pack with more people?

Text a link to your friends, post about it on other social networks, share it with your professional network! Every starter pack comes with an auto-generated preview image that shows the name of your starter pack and some suggested users for handy sharing.

How do I find more starter packs on Bluesky?

You can share starter packs directly on Bluesky, and you’ll see an embed preview for these links. Currently, starter packs do not show up in search, so to find a starter pack, a friend will have to send you the link or you can see the embed preview within the Bluesky app.

I was added as a recommended user in someone’s starter pack. Can I remove myself?

No. If you’d like to not be suggested as a user to follow in someone’s starter pack, you can ask them to remove you via Bluesky DMs. You can also report a starter pack to Bluesky’s moderation team (see below).

Can I report a starter pack to Bluesky’s moderation team?

Yes. You can report a starter pack by clicking the three-dot menu at the top of the starter pack. Bluesky’s moderation team will review all reports and evaluate them according to our Community Guidelines.

Can I include a labeling service in my starter pack?

We currently don’t include labeling services in starter packs — we’re working on improving in-app discovery of these services and service reliability first.

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