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The Initial Bluesky Team

Mar 31, 2022

by Jay Graber

As the Bluesky lead, my first priority has been to build a great team. Today, I’m excited to announce our first hires and technical advisors.

The initial members of our team are:

  • Daniel Holmgren, a protocol engineer with previous experience developing on IPFS at Fission. Daniel previously co-founded a Consensys-backed startup working on p2p data transfer for scientific data sets.
  • Paul Frazee, a protocol engineer and full-stack web developer. Paul previously built Patchwork, the first application using the SSB distributed social protocol, and Beaker Browser, the first web browser for the Hypercore distributed web protocol.

Technical advisors to the team include:

With more people on board, we’re now able to start open sourcing our protocol development process. Our plan was to start working in public as soon as we had enough people to answer questions, engage with the community, and participate in public conversations. Watch for more to come in the following weeks.

I’m also still hiring, and would love to bring on another protocol engineer who thinks in code and likes prototyping. We now have deep and varied technical expertise across the organization, and are looking for a prolific developer to support and accelerate the work of experienced systems architects. Learn more and apply here:

To support the early stages of our engineering-focused org, we’re looking for the first business operator to help manage processes internally and be a voice for Bluesky externally. If you’re excited about doing whatever it takes to get an early stage organization off the ground and have past experience in operations, strategy, and/or partnerships, then we hope to hear from you. The ability to understand and explain technical topics is a must, and a technical background is a bonus, though not a requirement. Learn more and apply here:

Last updated: August 31, 2023

In addition to the list above, Aaron Goldman was a member of the Bluesky team from April 2022 to August 2022. This post was updated to maintain an accurate representation of our current team members.

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