Welcome to Bluesky

We've teamed up with Bluesky user @davis.social to create a comic explaining what makes Bluesky different. It's a great way to get a quick overview of what we're all about.

Two characters smile excitedly, with their arms raised. The top of the image says 'Welcome to Bluesky!'A multi-panel comic. Two characters stand amidst a pile of rubble. One says, 'I think it's time to leave old social. This keeps happening. I have to start over again. I'm tired.' The two characters board a boat. Jay says, 'Don't worry! Better things are ahead at Bluesky!' They arrive to a beautiful, festive area that has buildings labeled News, Discover, Art, Science, and more.A multi-panel comic. Jay says, 'At Bluesky, you choose what you want to see instead of being held to the whims of a blackbox algorithm. There are already tens of thousands of feeds! Anyone can make or subscribe to feeds!' A troll appears. Jay says, 'And for things you don't want to see, you can stack additional layers of moderation as easily as following a new account.' Poof! Fences go up and the troll disappears. Jay continues to describe Bluesky's open network. 'With Bluesky, everything is connected. Dock at any port — you can explore the entire network. And wherever you go, your whole network comes with you.'A multi-panel comic. One character says, 'At Bluesky, I can customize my own experience and if I move, everything comes with me?!' Jay smiles and says, 'Yes, it's the last social account you'll ever have to create!' The two run across a bridge towards a magical mountainside. They say, 'Come on, let's go explore!'