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Bluesky is social media as it should be. Find your community among millions of users, unleash your creativity, and have some fun again.

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Social media is too important to be controlled by a few corporations. We’re building an open foundation for the social internet so that we can all shape its future.

Your timeline, your choice

Stay focused on your friend group, keep up-to-date on the latest news, or explore with an algorithm that learns what you like. On Bluesky, there's a feed for that.

Control your scroll

Use powerful moderation lists, content filters, and more to control what ends up in your timeline. In the future, people and organizations will be able to use open tools to contribute even more directly to moderation.

Some of the old, all of the new

Social media used to be fun. Be your unique self and create with your friends, all while keeping tabs on what's happening at a global scale.

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What's next is
being built today

We're building a foundation for connection that gives users a choice in their experience, creators independence from platforms, and developers the freedom to build. The future is bright.

The public deserves a thriving online commons. We're committed to building this space and ensuring that your social network can never be bought by a single individual or organization.

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Bluesky is an open network. With one account, you can access both an easy-to-use social network and a shared identity across the entire social internet.

How is Bluesky different?

We've teamed up with Bluesky user @davis.social to create a comic explaining what makes Bluesky different. It's a great way to get a quick overview of what we're all about.

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Take a deeper dive

We worked with Martin Kleppmann — researcher, author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications, and technical advisor to Bluesky — to write a paper that goes into more detail about the technical underpinnings of Bluesky.

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Matt Mullenweg
CEO @ Automattic

“Bluesky proves that it is computationally possible to solve the problems of Twitter-like social networking in a distributed fashion, with a clean user experience. That is really exciting to me.”

Build for the future

Open protocols like HTTP are the bedrock of the internet. We’re building open source infrastructure so that social communication can be as open and interoperable as the web itself.

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Participate in discussions with our devs, and help shape the future of social

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Build a project in a weekend, or the next global-scale social app using our public APIs

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Tap into the public firehose of messages and events

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Create custom algorithms to power online communities where users are in control

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Don’t start from zero. Auth with Bluesky and launch with millions of users.

Be part of a quickly growing developer ecosystem.

Use our public APIs to create bots, clients, custom feeds, and more.

Build in an open ecosystem that will never lock you out.